Are you ready?

Transition planning is discussed with young people and their families within the Adolescent Transition Clinic when a young person has reached the age of 15 years. Preparation for transition generally takes place a year before the planned date of transfer to adult services. During this period, in addition to clinical review undertaken by a doctor within the adolescent clinic, young people are also scheduled clinic time with the nurses and dietitian to help them prepare for transition. Appointments during this time do take longer than regular clinic visits. 

Assessing a young person's readiness and preparedness for transfer to adult care is an imperative part of the transition process. Ongoing education throughout the preparatory phase will include stress self-management skills and independence in navigating health care. The following resources provide guidance and education to the young person and family within the preparation phase of transition (between the ages of 15-16 years)

These transition resources are utilised by the Adolescent Transition team in the lead up to ultimate discharge from Starship Adolescent Diabetes Service. Summary documentation is then forwarded to the relevant adult based diabetes service to which each young person is transferring.