Day Stay Unit

The Day Stay Unit at Starship is a small, busy unit providing comprehensive medical and surgical care on a short term basis. This includes:

  • minor surgery such as tonsillectomy, dental procedures or the insertion of grommets
  • pre-admission for surgical procedures that require a stay in hospital
  • investigative procedures such as MRI or CT
  • medical services such as treatments for gastrointestinal and autoimmune diseases
  • check-ups following surgery
  • monitoring of some chronic health conditions
  • infusions of medication.

If your child is being admitted to the Day Stay Unit, in most cases that means your child comes to the hospital, has their treatment/operation/procedure and goes home on the same day. If your child will require a stay in hospital, you will be advised when you receive your admission letter.

Referral Expectations

If your child has been scheduled to have treatment in the Day Stay Unit, you will receive an admission letter telling you the date and time of admission. It is important that you read this letter carefully and follow any instructions. Please make sure your child does not have anything to eat or drink (even water or chewing gum) after the time listed on the admission letter. If your child does eat or drink after the specified time, the operation will have to be delayed or postponed to another day.

On the day of admission to the Day Stay Unit, please keep the whole day free. We are unable to give you a precise time for your child's surgery. Emergency cases may need to take priority, but we will always keep you informed of any changes. The time shown on the letter is the time of arrival and not the operation time.

We encourage family-centred care, and therefore ask you to stay with your child and participate in their care. However we ask that no more than two adults and no other children accompany each child. Your child's legal guardian is required to be present to provide consent for the procedure required.

If you have any concerns about your child's health prior to coming to Day Stay, please call (09) 307 4949 ext 25620 and speak to one of the nurses who will be able to advise you appropriately.

Common Conditions / Procedures / Treatments

Preparing your Child for their Day Stay Visit

To prepare your child for Day Stay, be honest. Explain why your child is coming to hospital in simple language that is meaningful to the child. Encourage your child to choose pyjamas and a favourite toy to bring to hospital.

You are welcome to visit prior to your admission date. This will give you and your child the opportunity to meet the nurses, see the unit and ask any questions.

Day Stay has a play specialist who is available to help you prepare your child for theatre and other procedures. For an appointment to view the unit and meet with the play specialist please phone the unit on (09) 307 4949 ext 25620.

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