Diabetes and Endocrinology

The Starship Paediatric Diabetes and Endocrine service is a regional or Auckland-wide service providing care for all children with diabetes and endocrine disorders throughout the greater Auckland area.

Paediatric Diabetes service

The Diabetes service cares for children from the greater Auckland region for both inpatient and outpatient needs. It is a multidisciplinary clinic setting, accepting New Patients up to their 15th birthday.

Inpatient education is based at Starship Hospital: Ward 26a.

Acutely unwell patients are seen first in the Starship Children's Emergency Department.

Outpatient education including insulin pump starts, family follow-ups, psychology and dietetics is provided in the Paediatric Diabetes Centre at the Greenlane Clinical Centre.

Outpatient clinics as follows: Greenlane at Reception C (Monday, Tuesday and Friday), Ground Floor, Greenlane Clinical Centre, with satellite clinics at the Botany Downs SuperClinic, Point Chevalier and Pukekohe.

All clinics are multidisciplinary staffed by paediatric endocrinologists, doctors-in-training (fellows or registrars), nurse specialists and allied health staff.


Paediatric Endocrine Service
The Endocrine service cares for children in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, from the greater Auckland region.

Inpatient education is based at Starship Hospital: Ward 26a.

Outpatient clinics are held at Reception C, Ground Floor, Greenlane Clinical Centre. These clinics are consultant-led, staffed by a paediatric endocrinologist together with doctors-in-training (fellows or registrars). There is also an endocrine nurse specialist, primarily involved with follow-up of congenital hypothyroidism.

Endocrine dynamic testing is performed by the endocrine nurses (adult) at Level 1, Greenlane Clinical Centre in consultation with our service.


  • Dr Craig Jefferies Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Paul Hofman Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Wayne Cutfield Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Alistair Gunn Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Philippa Carter Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Fran Mouat Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Benjamin Albert Paediatrician and Endocrinologist
  • Dr Natasha Heather Paediatrician and Endocrinologist

Referral Expectations

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