Find out about CCU (Coronary Care Unit)

The Coronary Care Unit, also known as Ward 34, is located on Level 3 of Building 32 in the Auckland City Hospital.


The Coronary Care Unit (CCU) has 22 beds, some single and some 2 bedded rooms. Each of the rooms has its own bathroom and shower.

We also have a patient kitchen where you can make yourself a Milo, tea or coffee and you are welcome to bring food in from home to keep in our patient fridge. There is also a toaster (and bread available) if you get hungry and microwave for heating your own food.

We have a whanau room just outside the main door of the unit where you can chill out watching TV, and a smaller room within the unit with a TV if you want some quiet time outside of your room.

We do have some portable DVD players available if you want to bring in some DVDs to watch.

On arrival to CCU one of the nurses will welcome you and show you and your family where your room is. Your nurse will come and introduce themselves and give you a quick tour of the ward.

Depending on the reasons for your admission, planned procedures usually occur on the day after admission. A family member is welcome to stay with you overnight should you wish. If you are in a single room they may stay in the room. If you are in a two bedded room your family member can stay in the Whanau room.

We have a portable phone available for you to make and receive local phone calls (not toll calls). Visiting hours are between 11am and 1pm, and between3pm and 8pm. We have what we call a rest period between 1 and 3pm for our sicker patients to do exactly that, rest! Therefore we ask that no extra visitors are allowed during that time to minimise noise and activity.

At all times please ask any questions of the CCU team and we will endeavour to answer them for you.