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Barfoot & Thompson has been a sponsor of the Starship Foundation since 2003, raising over $4.2 million during that time through a variety of creative and fun events. In 2004 they became a highly valued Five Star Partner.

Money raised by Barfoot & Thompson has helped equip Starship with state-of-the-art medical technology, refreshed and modern procedure rooms and wards and a new operating room.

Recent projects include the development of Whare Hauora – a purpose built mobile health pod in situ at local primary schools to provide accessible healthcare to the local low decile communities, and the expansion of NICU which includes the redesign of clinical storage area, parent infant nursery and reception as well as the refurbishment of the NICU interview room.

Barfoot & Thompson Managing Director, Peter Thompson, says; “Caring for our community is a cornerstone of our family-owned business and Starship is a natural partner for us to support given its tremendous and on-going impact on the health and well-being of children. Specifically, in 2018, we were so excited to be a part of Starship’s launch of Whare Hauora, an in-school, relocatable health facility to assist vulnerable children - the first of its kind in New Zealand.

“The concept of Whare Hauora was absolutely something we wanted to be part of now and in the future. The fit-for purpose facility provides a space for healthcare services with services ranging from prevention to specialist clinics to be delivered alongside education in the school environment. We know that by combining education and accessibility to healthcare services it will greatly reduce barriers to learning that illness or an inability to seek out a medical professional can create.

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“We share and celebrate Starship's vision to create increased accessibility to world-class healthcare for our children. We're thrilled to see the facility now being used and we look forward to helping establish more Whare Hauora within our communities.”  

The family-owned firm is also a passionate supporter of the Barfoot & Thompson Magic of Reading programme at Starship, which aims to give a new age-appropriate book to children who spend time on Starship's wards; donating over 16,000 books annually.

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