Brave leukaemia battler inspires head shave complete with a tattoo

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For many women and girls, hair plays a huge role in their identity. For Beki Diamond it is no different, but it was a ‘no brainer’ for her to shave her long, blonde, luscious locks to raise vital funds for Grace and children like her. 

“I wanted to show Grace, and all of the people out there who may lose their hair, that it doesn't change who you are as a person and your hair does not define you,” says Beki. 

Grace is the ‘bravest 7-year-old’ Beki knows, and she’s currently battling leukaemia. As Beki watched her best friend’s daughter fight for her life, she wanted to do something to show support and solidarity.  It was up to Grace to choose a charity to fundraise for, and she chose Starship because it has been a huge part of her journey.  

To attract donations, Beki gave an extra incentive. If she reached her target, she would also get a head tattoo, designed by Grace.  

And she smashed it. She originally set out to raise $2,000 and she more than doubled that and raised $4,320, no doubt helped by a livestream of the shave and tattoo. 

“Even complete strangers in the salon at the time were shedding tears and donating money through it all. It was difficult to feel anything but grateful,” says Beki. 

Grace designed a golden ribbon tattoo to symbolise child cancer with her initials beside it. And Beki wants to give a huge shout out to the tattoo artist Lofi and his wife Mel for donating their time and resources free of charge. 

“This is something really special we can look back on and remember as a good moment among many, many awful ones.” 

She encourages anyone thinking about doing a head shave to go for it.  

“What you are doing is impactful, it is meaningful, and it makes a real tangible difference. Not just by the money raised, but by showing children and adults alike that they aren't defined by their hair.” 

You can fundraise for Starship too! Set up your fundraising page here. 

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