Donating each month

Become a regular giverand you'll help fund the Starship National Air Ambulance Service, as well as a range of vital projects at out national children’s hospital. They include: 

  • Cutting-edge equipment 

  • Initiatives to support children and families’ wellbeing 

  • Projects designed to keep children out of hospital 

  • Join now, and help critically ill children from around New Zealand receive care and support they can't get anywhere else. 

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How we’ll contact you 

Face to Face Fundraising

The Starship Foundation fundraises all around the country, with Face to Face fundraising. Our face to face fundraisers work all around the country, talking to people about what the Starship Foundation does, and how a regular monthly gift helps support that work.  

Our team will wear clearly branded Starship Foundation Bibs, with an ID card that also has our 0800 number on it. Here is a list of the areas we are in this week here.

F2F group


Why do you fundraise face to face? 

We fundraise face to face around the country as this is a great way to tell people about what we do and attract more supporters for Kiwi kids all around New Zealand. People can choose to sign up with the donation going from either their Credit Card or bank account each month.  

Regular donations help us plan out our work to support Starship Children from all over the country with certainty. Our face to face fundraisers are passionate about the cause, and will share stories with you about some of the work we do. 

What details will a fundraiser ask me for? 

Our fundraisers will ask for some form of ID, and either your credit card or bank account number to make the donations. 

What about security? Is my information secure? 

Yes, our fundraisers enter your details into a system on an iPad, with security precautions in place. 

What about regulation? 

Starship Foundation is a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA). The PFRA works with charities and service providers to ensure quality, integrity and transparency in face to face fundraising by creating an atmosphere of public confidence and regulatory satisfaction.



By phone 

The Starship Foundation partners with a professional charity telemarketing agency. They phone New Zealanders and ask them to donate monthly to Starship.  

Why are you doing this? 
Starship relies on support from generous New Zealanders to fund important projects like the Starship National Air Ambulance. Donations from regular givers who’ve signed up via telemarketing make a huge difference to the care we can offer our children. 
Please note: If you’re ever unsure whether your call has come from a legitimate source, call us on 0800 782 774 for a chat. If you can, try and make a note of the number that called you. 

Regular giving terms and conditions can be found here.