Gary the Cyclist

Go Gary Go!   

Gary is a Grandpa on a mission! A giant, exhausting, inspiring mission.  

Gary is riding his bike the entire length of Aotearoa New Zealand. He set off a few weeks ago from Cape Reinga, on a 3,000kms ride to Bluff.  

Can you imagine how sore his bum must be? “The toughest part has been managing saddle sores which hinder the comfort a bit.” (He assures us he has lots of cream!)    

He dreamt up his mission long before floods and cyclones ravaged the North Island, to which he has, of course, seen the effects.   

His ride follows a combination of sand along 90 Mile Beach, cycle trails, tracks, paths, tunnels, rivers, gravel and sealed country roads.  

“Riding down Ninety Mile Beach was a highlight for me as I used to live in the area when I was young, even saw an albatross resting on the beach.”  

Gary has already made it to the South Island and is loving meeting so many people and getting support from total strangers.   
Gary is carrying everything he needs on his bike, including clothes, navigational gear, water and filter, backup power sources, many bike spare parts and the essential painkillers. He grabs food along the way.  
Gary is raising funds for the Starship Foundation, in his words “the first class fantastic service they have provided to my children and grandchildren in the past.”  

You’re a legend Gary! Keep on, keepin’ on. 

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