In Your Community

Go here to set up your own fundraising event page for Starship. All funds donated will go directly to the Starship Foundation.

When individuals join together to help Starship, wonderful things can happen for New Zealand's children.

Involving your community, friends and family in your fundraising efforts can make your activity more successful…and more fun!

Choose something that you will enjoy doing and that you can realistically undertake with the time and resources you have available.

It is often better to start small and build upon your success rather than taking on too much from the outset. Ask others to get involved too - it's always good to have support!

If you are stuck for ideas check out our A-Z guide and before you get too far into your planning, complete an application form and email it to us. We can approve your plans and offer any support or advice you may need.

For more information contact our team on 0800 782 774 (0800 STARSHIP) or

A-Z Fundraising Ideas (PDF, 77 KB)

Top Fundraising Tips (PDF, 76 KB)

Fundraising Guidelines (PDF, 80 KB)

Fundraising Application Form (PDF, 198 KB)