In Your School

You may know someone at your school who has been to Starship, or perhaps you just want to help other children. Whatever your reason, fundraising for Starship is a great experience and will make a huge difference to Starship's children.

Fundraising at your school

Follow these five easy steps to get your school started:

1. Think of an idea: or we've got heaps of fundraising ideas to choose from, check out the A-Z guide (PDF, 77 KB).

2. Get in contact: just complete the application form (PDF, 198 KB) and email it to

3. Let people know: publicise your event around school and with friends and family. 

4. Hold your event or do your activity and HAVE FUN!

5. Collect up your money and send it to Starship: To transfer your funds via internet banking, email us at and we will send you our bank account details.

Young Enterprise/Business Studies

If you have chosen to make a donation to Starship from the funds raised through your Young Enterprise or Business Studies project, please send an email to with the following information (please note that we require all of the information fields to be completed before we can approve your application):

School name:

Student name & contact details:

Name of teacher managing YE/BS at your school:

Email address and phone number of managing teacher:

Details about your fundraising product/event:

When you plan on fundraising (please provide dates):

How you plan on promoting your fundraiser:

Your financial goal:

Any other important information:

Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to going to market with your Young Enterprise or Business Studies product, so we can can approve your fundraiser as a Starship Foundation beneficiary event. 

For more information contact our team on 0800 782 774 (0800 STARSHIP) or