In Your Workplace

Fundraising with your colleagues and customers can make a real difference for Starship's children and ensure New Zealand's national children's hospital remains a world-class medical facility.

Go here to set up your own fundraising event page for Starship. All funds donated will go directly to the Starship Foundation.

Often the simplest ideas are the most successful - below are a few that may spark your interest or have a look at our A-Z guide (PDF, 77 KB):



Cooking demo & dinnerGive up something you love (coffee, chocolate or wine)Foreign Currency collectionsTeam challenges (run, ropes courses, mountain biking, paint ball, kayaking)
Quiz nightSwear BoxMake everyone lunchTouch rugby or netball tournament
Wine tastingSwap jobs
for a day
Cake or book sale or trading table"Amazing Race" or Scavenger Hunt
Themed party night (French, Spanish, 80's)Skills auctionDress down or up dayGolf day
Murder MysteryWaxing a
body part
Christmas cards donationFamily fun day
KaraokeTriathlonEnd of day nibblesKayaking
Barista courseWeight loss

International food day



You could also take inspiration from dates in the year such as Valentines Day and Halloween or use an existing staff 'event' as a focus for your efforts. You could theme your activities to coincide with important sporting events, television shows or The Oscars. The possibilities are endless!

Fundraising Materials

Starship can provide some things to help in your fundraising activities, including links to online sponsorship options, balloons, collection vests, stickers, banners and collection buckets.

We are here to help ensure your activities are fun, rewarding and successful.

Ready to get going? Fill in a Fundraising Application Form (PDF, 198 KB) now and email it through to us. We can approve your plans and offer any support or advice you may need.

For more information or advice contact Abi Penfold on 09 307 4957 or email