International opportunity to fund a world of play

A Starship Foundation funding proposal is featured on an international philanthropic platform designed to find impactful and bold solutions for children.

Our proposal for the Build a World of Play Challenge is now featured on a Solutions Hub – a new initiative sponsored by the LEGO Foundation and managed by Lever for Change.

The original challenge in 2022 asked entrants to describe how they would use prize money to build a world where children could learn using play methodology in their practice. There were 10 finalists who all won prize money – Starship Foundation’s entry paced 12th out of 627 entrants. Two first prizes of USD$44m were awarded, three of USD$22m and five of USD$1m.

Now the LEGO Foundation decided to highlight the top 24 in the Solutions Hub as part of their ongoing commitment to ensuring children globally are given opportunities to learn through play.

Starship’s project aims to transform the current child health structures and systems by ensuring an equitable mokopuna (child)-centric, whanau (family)-focused, whānau-led system founded on the interface between bio-medical science, mātauranga Māori (local indigenous knowledge systems) and āo tapere (world of play). 

And the stakes are high! We are in the running to get up to $10 million dollars in funding.

Explore the Build a World of Play Solutions Hub:

In Aotearoa people have differences in health that are not only avoidable, but unfair and unjust. Equity recognises different people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to get equitable outcomes

The Starship Foundation is committed to meeting children and whānau where they are, ensuring all children in New Zealand have access to world-class healthcare regardless of their ethnicity, where they live, or their family circumstance.

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