Keeping pace with technology - Starship's MRI upgrade


MRI Clinical Specialist, Alison Pinfold and Consultant Radiologist, David Perry with Starship patient, Ava.

In 2019 Starship’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine received a $910,000 upgrade thanks to the generosity of Starship Foundation supporters. David Perry, Paediatric Radiologist at Starship explains how it’s helping.

“With clearer and more detailed images we can diagnose disease and monitor the effects of treatment with greater accuracy and certainty.

“We can scan children in less time and with less noise, and the images are better than ever before. It allows us to detect and monitor disease in ways that we previously couldn’t.

“Here at Starship more than 2000 children need an MRI scan each year. We see children with the most complex medical conditions. The recent upgrade to our equipment has a positive impact for each and every one of them. We are very grateful to Starship supporters for making this possible sooner than it might otherwise have been.

“Thank you!”