How Your Business Can Help

At the Starship Foundation, we are dedicated to building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with corporate organisations that wish to be recognised as champions for children's healthcare in New Zealand. 

Partnering with Starship allows your business the opportunity to maximise your corporate social responsibility and community goals while demonstrating your commitment to bringing better health and brighter futures to all Kiwi children. By joining forces with the Starship Foundation you will become a valued member of our community and the Starship corporate family.

Our Partnership Programme

The Starship Foundation has a well established corporate partnership programme which is integral in supporting the work done at Starship. The support of New Zealand businesses ensures we can invest in  new equipment, research, renovation, and staff training that make our children’s hospital the world-class facility that it is. We are immensely grateful for the significant support that is extended by all our partners and proudly acknowledge and showcase each of our partners and the impact of their support.


Our partners stem from a broad range of business backgrounds from small start ups to large national companies but all have a common aim  of bringing better health and brighter futures to all children from across New Zealand. Starship partners raise funds in many different ways – from mobilising customer giving, hosting fundraising events, donating a percentage of product sales or payroll giving with staff. It may be that a number of these methods might work for you to partner with Starship. We’d love to start a conversation today about how you might be able to lend vital support to New Zealand’s national children’s hospital.

To learn more about becoming a partner, please contact the Corporate Relationships Team on or 09 307 4957.

Corporate Donations

The generosity of corporate donors can help deliver significant impact. If a corporate partnership is not right for your business there are a number of ways that you can still support Starship, from helping to fund prevention programs to keep our children safe and healthy to programs that save and extend lives, corporate support is key to ensuring better health and brighter futures for all children across New Zealand.

To donate, please contact our Corporate Relationships Team on or 09 307 4957.

Corporate Fundraising

Fundraising with your colleagues and customers can make a real difference for Starship’s children and ensure New Zealand’s national children’s hospital remains a world-class medical facility. Corporate fundraising is a wonderful way to engage and motivate your staff and your customers. It can be as easy as holding a quiz night, a fun run or a social event. The options are endless.

If you would like to find out how you can become a corporate supporter, please contact the Corporate Relationships team on or 09 307 4957.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving, or donating directly from your pay, is a simple and powerful way to support Starship children. Payroll Giving lets you donate to Starship directly each time you receive your pay and you'll receive immediate tax credits that reduce the amount of (PAYE) tax you'll have to pay.

Your employer deducts your nominated donation amount from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the appropriate tax credit and then forwards your donation to the Starship Foundation – it’s that easy. For example, a donation of $30 to the Starship Foundation will only cost you $20 as you will receive a third of your donation back as an immediate tax credit!

The impact Payroll Giving can have is even greater when employers match employee Payroll Giving donations, doubling the amount raised. Talk to your employer today about setting up Payroll Giving - and start making a lasting impact in the lives of Kiwi kids across New Zealand.

For further information, contact the Corporate Relationships Team on or 09 307 4957.

Starship charity registration number: CC24272