Round the Bays 2023

Andrew knows Starship’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit better than most. His daughter and Starship Star Patricia has been admitted many times.

"Starship have saved my daughter's life on multiple occasions, and that is no exaggeration.”

Patricia has come to Starship with severe pneumonia, due to a complex set of vulnerabilities, and made worse by a severe congenital heart defect - which was corrected by surgery at Starship last year. She then also needed to undergo bowel surgery after developing an obstruction. She still remains vulnerable to infections, especially respiratory ones, and has been back on the respiratory ward due to rhinovirus.

Andrew ran Round the Bays and to raise vital funds for Starship.

“This was a small way for us to be able to give something back, and to raise some awareness of the great work done by Starship all the time, not just for us, but for many other families in their hardest moments.”

Thanks Andrew for your support.

Patricia and Andrew

Andrew and Patricia.

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