Cameron, Hawkes Bay

They didn't know if baby Cameron would even survive his first few Christmases.

Half of his tiny heart was missing.

When Cameron was born, doctors told Rachael and her husband, Nick, that he needed to be moved immediately to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Starship. Rachael vividly remembers:

They had to go because he was in heart failure... dying.

Rachael, Cameron's Mum

Rachael could hardly believe what they were telling her.

Cameron's heart was the size of a marshmallow. He was only five days old when he had his first open heart surgery.

Rachael, Cameron's Mum

Fortunately, thanks to our surgical team's skill and Cameron's resilience, tiny Cameron survived.

Thousands of Kiwi babies and children will depend on Starship this Christmas. Just like Cameron did.

Now Starship is relying on your support to be there for sick and injusred Kiwi children like Cameron.

By the time he was three years old, Cameron had undergone four open heart surgeries and our teams were there for him every time he needed them.

Today, Cameron is a lively four-year-old, looking forward to a happy family Christmas at home. But Cameron is one of the lucky ones.

Many critically ill children and their families will be staying with us this Christmas.

Your gift today will help Starship carry on providing the best possible care for them.

Please support Starship today, click here

Your donation could be the most important gift you give this year.

Thank you.



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