Cyrus and Siavash Scott, Auckland

Siavash and Cyrus were born extremely and dangerously premature. Siavash could not breathe. Not even with a traditional ventilator. Siavash is alive today because of an extraordinary breathing machine called a High Frequency Ventilator.

Starship urgently needs a new High Frequency Ventilator to save the lives of babies whose lungs are too fragile for a normal ventilator. 

By donating today you will help save the lives of tiny babies who are desperately struggling to breathe.

Teresa, their mother, was devastated to see her babies attached to breathing tubes. 

All I wanted to do was cuddle them. But they were so fragile and I was so frightened.

Teresa, Siavash and Cyrus' mother

Though both boys were critical, Siavash needed the additional assistance and extraordinary sensitivity of a very special breathing machine. Only the High Frequency Ventilator was able to constantly adjust to the needs of his tiny fragile and whisper thin lungs, little by little. 

In times past, both boys would almost certainly have died. You can help save lives, by sending a donation for the most advanced equipment that premature babies like Saviash need to survive. 

A High Frequency Ventilator costs $75,000, but it has the astonishing ability to register a baby's breathing so sensitively that it can avoid tearing tissue-thin lungs like Siavash's. 

Your generosity will help our tiniest babies like Siavash and Cyrus make it from milestone to milestone, little by little, gaining a little weight, getting stronger lungs, until their lives are saved. 

By donating today you will help save the lives of tiny babies who are desperately struggling to breathe. Please donate now

To see a very special message of thanks from Cyrus and Siavash's parents, please click here.  

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