Daisy Auckland

Tiny Daisy was not expected to survive when she was born at just 23 weeks.

They were struggling to get air into her lungs, because the smallest tube available wasn't small enough for her tiny throat.

Katie, whose daughter Daisy was born 17 weeks too soon.

Baby Daisy was born at just 23 weeks.

Born four months early, Daisy weighed a shocking 545 grams. She couldn't feed or breath on her own, and her skin was so paper-thin it could tear at even a gentle touch.

Her mum and dad, Katie and Neil, were preparing for the worst:

"She was so tiny but had huge tubes attached to her face and body. We couldn't pick her up for fear of tearing her skin. But we so badly wanted to comfort her. 

Every minute, every day, we knew things could change very quickly, and we might lose her."

Daisy was so fragile and vulnerable, her only chance of survival was in an environment as safe and nurturing as possible.

Thankfully, Daisy was given that chance through the expert care and high-tech equipment at Starship's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

And just as Daisy relied on NICU equipment to survive, Starship relies on big-hearted people like you to help ensure that lifesaving equipment is available for babies like her.

This Christmas we need to raise $455,000 to buy vital equipment for Starship's NICU including:

  •  Two high-spec infant delivery systems (incubator/heat tables) - which eliminate the need to move fragile new-born from the heat table to the incubator, provides a high humidity environment to help prevent fluid loss, allows easy access for medical teams and gives mums and dads more hands on access.

  •  A pressure mattress - whichkeeps babies comfortable and safe before and after surgery by helping their circulation, and eases pressure on baby's fragile skin and avoids skin break down which is needed when babies are unable to move to keep themselves comfortable due to sedation.

Please will you make a donation to help us to purchase this equipment so that Starship's littlest, most fragile patients have the best chance to survive and grow up healthy and strong.   

After 102 days in NICU, Daisy finally got to go home with her Mum and Dad.

And she is now a happy one-year old. According to her mum, Daisy still shows that tenacious spirit she's had since birth.

She's just a happy, determined, delightful little girl. We owe our little family to Starship and the NICU. They've been there every step of the way. If it wasn't for them, Daisy simply wouldn't have survived. We are so grateful to everyone at Starship and the people who support them.

Katie, Daisy's Mum

By donating to Starship today, you can help ensure tiny premature babies like Daisy get the very best care possible, and the greatest chance to grow and survive.

Please support Starship today, by clicking here.

Your generosity will save lives.

Thank you so much.



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