Hudson Murray, Christchurch

When children as critically ill as Hudson come to Starship, there are special moments that bind all those involved in their care forever. 

The most powerful of those moments is where everyone gathers around, takes a corner and lifts him - ever so gently and carefully - so he can be moved towards the Air Ambulance or surgery...towards hope. 

In that moment everyone is lifting together, depending on each other. 

Hudson was such a very grey little baby when he came to us from Christchurch on the Starship National Air Ambulance. He needed life-saving heart surgery, as his own little heart could not keep him alive. 

He was rushed to us, lifted by the team onto the operating table - each holding their corner - so that heart surgeon Dr Kirsten Finucane could operate to strenghten Hudson's heart. 

His colour improved and his parents' spirits rose. But then, in the midst of joy and recovery, Hudson suffered a setback that nearly killed him. It gave his parents the worst day of their lives. 

Hudson's heart was so fragile, the improved pressure caused a severe blood leak in one of his main valves. That, combined with a nasty infection, proved too much for Hudson's little heart to handle. He went into cardiac arrest. 

It took ten days to get Hudson stable enough for surgery. Hudson's heart was actually rotated in his body. 

The surgery was a success, and although Hudson will need to return to Starship for more heart surgery, he is home and doing well. You are part of the team that helped save Hudson's life. Thank you! Your loving support is helping to save and sustain lives at Starship. 



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