Indiana, Hamilton

Indiana was sick, but his parents had no idea how major it would be.

We almost lost Indiana. I don't know what would have happened without Starship and the kind people who support it. Thank you so much! You saved my baby's life.

Nicola, Indiana's Mum

 You wake up...

... everything feels wrong.

The light's different. The bed feels too small. For a few seconds you don't know where you are or why you feel so strange.

Then as your eyes become accustomed to your surroundings, the terror of the last 24 hours comes crashing back in a horrible rush...

... you're in Starship. Your baby is in intensive care. His life is on the line. He was flown in by helicopter last night - and panic grips your heart for what feels like the hundredth time in the last 24 hours.

This is how mum and dad, Nicola and Brad Thompson woke on the morning of the seventh day of their baby's life. Over the previous 24 hours their whole lives had been turned upside down. But thanks to amazing people who support Starship's work, Indiana was now in Starship - the best place he could be. 

When Indiana was born everything seemed to go well. He was healthy and a good size. But as soon as Indiana went home with his parents, things steadily downhill. He would have long feeds but wouldn't get much and bring it all up again. 

"His feeding got worse and worse. He just wasn't interested. He would like there really still and didn't seem to have a lot of energy. He was getting skinnier - I just didn't realise how skinny he was getting."

Then on day six Nicola took Indiana to the local Family Medical Centre and from there he was immediately taken to the hospital. Indiana was severely dehydrated and malnourished. He'd lost a quarter of his body weight. The doctors arranged for a helicopter to take Indiana to Starship.

The doctors came in and said that it was an emergency and they had arranged a helicopter transfer to Starship. That was a real shock. Another level altogether. One minute they were talking about a possible urine infection, the next it was 'the helicopter's coming!' I just couldn't believe it was happening.

Nicola, Indiana's Mum

Indiana was diagnosed with duodenal atresia. This means that part of Indiana's small intestine was closed off, creating a blockage in his digestive system, which is why he couldn't keep any food down.

At just six days old, he needed intensive surgery - and fast.

The operation was a success. After surgery, Indiana was cared for by Starship's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for several days, and then onto a ward. 

It was just awesome to be finally able to go home. I was just so grateful. He's two years old now, and he's totally healthy. He's a good weight, and he's a really fun and happy little dude.

Nicola, Indiana's Mum

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Your generosity will save lives.

Thank you so much.



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