Kiriana Ronaki, Auckland

Kiriana almost didn't make it into surgery...

Can you imagine a tumour the size of an orange inside little Kiriana's head?  The Starship doctors knew she needed immediate surgery.  She could have died at any moment.  

Today, around 9,000 children need surgery at Starship every year - that's one child every hour! 

To meet the demands of New Zealand's growing population, a new Operating Room is being built. Starship is already blessed with the best medical teams and the most skilled staff. Now we need to ensure the newest Operating Room has the state-of-the-art equipment to protect children's lives too. 

Please donate today and help equip Starship's new Operating Room to keep our children safe. 

Children like Kiriana...

Kiriana's parents, Anna and Kramer, were distraught...almost not believing what was happening to their precious little girl. 

With all the Operating Rooms booked, Starship doctors had to make a very careful choice about which surgery was most urgent, and which operation could safely wait to make room for Kiriana. 

Thankfully, both surgeries were successful, and both patients are recovering wonderfully. Kiriana is a gorgeous, bubbly little girl and her parents are so thankful to the hospital but also to wonderful supporters like you. 

We want to say thank you from our family to the Starship family for donating to Starship. You helped us get through our journey with Kiriana, and with this surgical upgrade, you will help so many more children too.

Anna, Kiriana's' mum

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Often children come to us when their lives are most in danger. They depend on Starship's specialist care. 

Please help equip the new Operating Room at Starship - and just like Kiriana, give other families the life-saving care they need. 

To view a very special message of thanks from Kiriana's parents, please click here



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