Natalie, Auckland

Little baby Natalie needed BIG surgery.  She had a rare - and extremely aggressive - tumour in her brain.

Shelly's daughter, little Natalie, was just three months old when she was diagnosed with an incredibly rare type of brain tumour.

A MRI scan at Starship showed the tumour was big - and growing fast. Shelly told us:

It was like a tennis ball in her brain. The tumour was a quarter of the size of her head.

Shelly, Natalie's Mum

Shelly remembers like yesterday how the team on the neurological ward at Starship broke the news to her and her husband, Paul:

They said 'If we don't get it out now it's going to kill her.'

Shelly, Natalie's Mum

Starship's surgical team carried out a gruelling six-hour operation to remove the tumour and thans to the team's skill and expertise, little Natalie survived.

For so many babies and children like Natalie, Starship's incredible care gives them their very best chance of survival.

But the number of little ones who need us is growing all the time.

To help provide lifesaving care for thousands of sick and injured New Zealand children every week, we need your help.

Today, Natalie is a happy, healthy toddler. But Shelly knows things would have been very different if they hadn't received the incredible care that only Starship provides.

All I can say is, I wouldn't have my daughter without Starship.

Shelly, Natalie's Mum

And Starship wouldn't be what it is without the kind support of people like you.

By making a gift today, you can be the difference for other boys and girls like Natalie and their parents.

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