Vital expansion helps young people like Mac

All over New Zealand, children and young people are living brighter futures because of Starship Foundation supporters. 

Mac with license

Just like Mac Denniston from Alexandra. He was 14 when he suffered a brain injury during a mountain bike accident.  

Mac’s future was clouded with uncertainty. He needed expert care from Starship’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and specialist paediatric neurologists to give him the best chance for better health.  

He was flown to Auckland on Starship’s National Air Ambulance and spent three weeks in PICU under constant supervision. He spent almost two months in Starship in total. 

New Zealanders like you have helped Starship build 10 more intensive care spaces for children and young people like Mac. Today more children from across Aotearoa can receive care in a state-of-the-art intensive care unit at Starship. 

“Starship is a hospital for all of New Zealand and for families like us that live in rural areas, it’s a life line.”   
Right now, construction of stage two of the vital expansion is underway. It is the biggest redevelopment the hospital has seen since it opened in 1991.  

Starship’s atrium will be redeveloped with state-of-the art spaces, including a purpose-built Medical Day Stay Unit, more comfortable and nurturing environments for whānau, and spaces to support the education and training of highly specialised staff.  

 Starship is currently constructing: 

  • Athlae Lyon Medical Day Stay

  • Space that allows the Douglas Starship Simulation team to train and educate clinicians, including a virtual reality space  

  • A new café 

  • New public spaces  

  • New whānau rooms   

  • New PICU offices and staff areas  

While the construction is major, the end result will be major too, bringing better health and brighter futures for New Zealand’s sickest or injured children.   

Like Mac. He recently earned his Restricted licence, giving him independence his parents couldn’t have dreamed of after his accident. 

A big thank you to all Starship supporters, you’re helping give children and young people like Mac the best chance for a brighter future.  

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Picu expansion