‘Wish list’ of Gifts for Starship

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Thank you for thinking of Starship children this Christmas.

At this time, we're not asking for more presents - we have all we need and the cupboard is completely full. Just ask our Office Manager!

Instead, we're asking for you to help us ensure we can get more children home for Christmas.

Around 180 children will spend Christmas day in Starship Hospital. We have presents to give them, but you could give them something far more valuable...the best chance for a brighter future, and the promise of more Christmases at home.

Poppy (above) is a perfect example. She developed a severe heart condition shortly after birth. She spend her first Christmas in Starship in 2016, and spent more than 200 days in the hospital in total. But she got home for Christmas in 2017 thanks to the amazing care she received.

She's spent every Christmas at home since - and it means the world to her family.

To help give this precious gift to other Starship families, please follow this link to our 'Starship Christmas' page.

Warm regards,

The Starship Foundation team