Going home

Before you go home, your healthcare team will tell you about:

  • your child's medicine

  • how to care for your child at home

  • what to do if you are concerned about your child's health

  • if you have follow-up appointments

Please ask if you are unsure of any of the information you have been given. 

On the day that your child goes home, we ask that you arrange to be collected from hospital as soon as possible. If there is going to be a delay you may be asked to wait in the Transition Lounge, situated just inside the main entrance on Level Five of the old Auckland Hospital Building (now called the Support Building). It is open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday (closed weekends and public holidays).  The Transition Lounge provides experienced nurses to supervise the care of patients being discharged from hospital while they wait for transport. There is comfortable lazyboy seating, a television and toys for your child to play with. Light refreshments are also available to patients free of charge. No booking is required, and there is no time limit spent (within opening hours). The Transition Lounge nurses can also arrange for your choice of taxi to collect you and your child from the Lounge.

Car Seats

We want to make sure that you and your family get home safely. All children need to be in an approved car seat while they are travelling in a car.

Please make sure you bring your car seat with you when you come to take your child home. If you are travelling by taxi, contact the taxi company in advance and let them know if you need them to supply a car seat.

For more information see  Kidshealth.org.nz, who have information and links to car restraint technicians in your area, and details of car seat rental schemes.