About Clinical Networks

A clinical network (CN) is established at the national, regional or sub-regional level to provide consistent clinical governance (including appointment of a network clinical leader) and movement toward consistent quality assurance activities, prioritisation rules, clinical pathways, referral guidelines and treatment protocols, with associated service audit.  The CN makes recommendations to the national or regional funder(s) and the host provider District Health Board (DHB) as appropriate, and provides an annual work programme and report. See the Annual Report for July 2017 to June 2018 produced by the Paediatric Society of New Zealand.

The CN functions as an 'Oversight Network', as defined by the Ministry of Health (MoH)'s National Health Board Business Unit (2010) where multiple provider organisations provide links through a clinical network.

All the CNs that function under the Paediatric Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) umbrella, have strong association/links with relevant Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that operate within PSNZ.  PSNZ has a contract with the MoH to develop approved national CNs and a national Child and Youth Clinical Network Advisory Group (the Advisory Group) provides strategic oversight for this development.  A six monthly newsletter, CYNet, is published to profile work being done by each CN.

See the PSNZ Position Statement on Clinical Networks and CYNet - the New Zealand Child and Youth Clinical Network Newsletter April 2018. At August 2017, fourteen (14) CNs are in varying stages of implementation and development.  The New Zealand Child and Youth Clinical Networks are:

A guide to establishing a structured approach for the development of national Child and Youth Clinical Networks can be obtained by contacting the Clinical Networks Support Manager, Karyn Sanson, karyn.sanson@paediatrics.org.nz

CYNet - the NZCYCN Newsletter

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