Caloric Calculator

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  • This calculator provides an estimate of caloric intake.

  • This may be useful when considering caloric intakes in infants who are hyperglycaemic where the use of insulin may be considered.

  • It may also be used in those infants in whom referral to a dietitian for ongoing nutritional management is being considered.


Working Weight: 

Current Fluid and Nutritional Intakes

Enteral Feeds

  • Please divide the 2- or 3-hourly feed amount to work out the hourly amount

ml per hour

Intravenous Nutrition

Amino Acid Solution: 
ml per hour
20% Intralipid: 
ml per hour

Other Intravenous Fluids

  • Do not count solutions in saline or half-normal saline (for example, arterial line fluids or infusions that are not in glucose).

  • Do not count insulin infusions.

Infusion 1: 
ml/hour % glucose