Fluid & electrolyte calculator

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Developed by Newborn Services for use in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Click here to open the Glucose calculator to determine glucose intake

  • Do not add electrolytes on Day 1.

  • Do not add Ca++ routinely in relatively well infants only likely to be on short term IV fluids.

    (This is most babies as the sicker, longer term babies will be on IVN)


Weight  grams    
Total Fluid Intake (Oral + IV) ml/kg/day
Glucose concentration %
Sodium  mmol/kg/day
  • Usual requirement 3mmol/kg/day
Potassium  mmol/kg/day
  • Usual requirement 2mmol/kg/day
Calcium mmol/kg/day
  • Add 1mmol/kg/day if required