Current courses

There are a range of courses available for clinicians who are providing or preparing to provide simulation education. These include:

  1. Introduction to Simulation Workshops (Part one and Part two)

  2. Simulation Faculty Development Workshops

  3. Debriefing refresher workshops


Introduction to Simulation Workshops

Part One aims to prepare clinicians to deliver simulation based education (SBE) using safe, standardised techniques, to allow learners to explore aspects of clinical practice in an interactive manner.
This workshop will provide the foundation for advanced simulation education including the simulation faculty development programme.
Concepts explored include:
• Adult Learning
• Simulation zones
• Curriculum development
• Debriefing and SAFETY
• Debriefing practice

Part Two is a technical workshop which covers the use of:
• Skills trainers
• Low fidelity manikins
• High fidelity manikins
• Set-up, operation, troubleshooting and care requirements of Laerdal manikins Sim Baby and Sim Junior

Simulation Faculty Development Workshop

This three day workshop is designed for educators who are currently delivering scenario education and want to advance their expertise. These educators may be part of a team who are currently delivering Crisis Resource Management (CRM) workshops, or they may want to develop a CRM programme for their clinical setting.
Simulation faculty development workshops focus on practical ways to developing and improving simulation delivery skills, including: adult education, programme design, running high fidelity simulation, and debriefing.

The course content includes:
• Approaches to CRM training
• Adult learning theory
• Building a CRM course
• The art of debriefing
• Debriefing practice exercises
• Designing CRM scenarios
• Innovative applications of paediatric simulation

We encourage and prioritise registrations from medical nursing partnerships i.e. a doctor and nurse from the same clinical area who can partner to prepare and deliver simulation based education (SBE).

Debriefing Refresher Workshops

We know there is rapid decay with infrequently used skills and debriefing is no different. With this in mind we provide brief 2-3 hour debriefing refresher workshops for simulation educators who wish to practice their debriefing skills in small group workshops.

If you have questions about any of these workshops or to register your interest, contact Trish Wood on