Nursing Education in PICU - Study Days

PICU orientation day I & II (PICU Nurse Educators)

Teaching sessions run over 2 days for staff new to PICU. Topics include documentation, airway management ventilation principles, cardiac fundamentals, neonatal care and ventilation safety.

Introduction to cardiac (PICU Staff Nurse)

Specialist teaching sessions aimed at staff of all levels who are new to the care of the patient with congenital heart defects. Topics include a revision of cardiac embryology, bypass, congenital heart defects, inotrope management and rhythm recognition.

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) (PICU Staff Nurse)

Specialist teaching sessions for staff new to CRRT. These days are a mixture of both theory and practice.

Severe respiratory disease and its management (PICU Nurse Educators and PICU Staff Nurse)

A study day for all staff requiring more in-depth knowledge of ventilation in the paediatric patient. Topics include nitric oxide therapy, pulmonary hypertension and high frequency oscillation (HFOV).

PICU advanced emergency management (PICU Clinical Charge Nurses, Nurse Educators & Intensivists)

A day for level III staff and above that uses workshops and simulation to teach about the prevention and management of emergency situations in PICU.

CPR compliance training (PICU Nurse Educators and Staff Nurses)

A compliance study day aimed at all Level I and II PICU staff nurses. Topics include paediatric differences, airway management (basic and advanced), CPR (basic and advanced), emergency chest opening, recognition of arrhythmias and defibrillation, and scenarios.

Management of traumatic brain injuries (Senior PICU Nursing Staff)

A study day aimed at (Senior) Level II and above PICU staff who are orientating to the care of the child with a traumatic brain injury. Topics for the day include a revision of anatomy and physiology, neurosurgery and neuro trauma, hypoxic brain injuries, management of the head injured patient, and practical sessions.

Introduction to ventilation

A day focussed on the principles of caring for children requiring either non-invasive or invasive ventilation. Topics include respiratory pathology, modes of ventilation, intubation and extubation.

Introduction to neurology

This day focusses on the care of children with congenital or acquired neurological conditions. Neurological anatomy is covered along with the management of extra-ventricular drains and intracranial pressure monitoring.

Introduction to renal

This day covers the theory and practical aspects of caring for children with renal conditions. The practical management of peritoneal dialysis is included.

Intermediate cardiac

Leading on from the introduction to cardiac day, this day gives more experienced nurses the knowledge they need to care for critically unwell children following cardiac surgery. Topics include advanced pacing, low cardiac output state and managing cardiac emergencies.