Nursing professional practice

Nursing Professional Practice Model - represents what is important to us as Starship Nurses

The Starship Child Health Nursing Professional Practice Model endorses the centrality of tamariki, whānau and community, unifying all professional nursing activity and obligations for Starship nurses. The nursing professional practice model brings together all that we do and what we continually strive to achieve.

There are four key principles that work synergistically, they are:

  • Professional Excellence

  • Patient Safety and Quality

  • Environments of Wellbeing

  • Professional Development

Professional Excellence
Nursing professional excellence captures our nursing values and actions in practice, promoting best outcomes and healthcare experiences for tamariki and their whānau.

Patient Safety and Quality
Patient safety and quality are at the core of our nursing practice. Nurses minimise the risk of harm to tamariki through individual actions and contributing to system effectiveness. Patient safety and prevention of harm is explicit in all our nursing decisions, actions, standards, and environments.

Environments of Wellbeing
Environments of wellbeing acknowledge the significance of healing therapeutic care relationships and the physical area that care is delivered in.

Professional Development
Nursing education optimises nurses’ contribution to service delivery and tamariki’s health outcomes. Professional Nursing Development is illustrated through an obligation to professional development valuing the commitment of nurses to lifelong learning.



Nursing Care Delivery Model – how we deliver nursing care

The Starship Nursing Care Delivery Model is throughout Starship’s inpatient areas (excluding CED, OR, DSU, PICU) and guides how we deliver nursing care to pēpi, tamariki, and taitamariki and their whānau.

The model is comprised of tools and processes that uphold and enable a whānau centred approach, enhanced communication and team work. Importantly application of the model enhances patient safety, increased nursing presence and responsiveness, care continuity leading to an enriched tamariki and whānau experience.




Starship Nursing Clinical Governance - a way to be involved in shaping nursing practice at Starship

Nursing Clinical Governance in Starship provides an opportunity for nurses to have a voice and shape the direction of Starship nursing, practice standards and promote nursing professionalism and excellence.

Nursing Clinical Governance in Starship comprises of a Council and five Committees, these include patient safety, best practice, research and scholarship in practice, professional development and nursing care delivery model. All contribute and strive to achieve high standards of nursing care, constantly seeking dynamic and innovative nursing improvements.