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  • Can I stay with my child while they are in hospital?

    At Starship Children's Health, we encourage parents or caregivers to be with their child as much as possible. We provide accommodation on the ward for ONE parent / caregiver. Please see ' staying with your child' for more information. 'Places to stay' lists alternative accommodation for additional family members if needed.

  • Where can I park when we come to our appointment?

    Whether you are coming to Greenlane Clinical Centre or Starship, see 'Where we are' for maps, directions and parking. Please note that there is a charge for parking on both sites. Parking on-site is limited, so if possible please take public transport or get dropped off and collected.

  • Will I have to pay for my child's healthcare?

    Find out whether your family is eligible for publicly funded healthcare by reading the new booklet 'Eligibility Made Easy' in our eligibility information section.

  • What should we do if we cannot come to our outpatient appointment?

    Please let us know as soon as possible, by telephoning the number shown on your appointment letter or 0800 PATIENT (0800 7284368).

  • What do I tell my child about coming to hospital?

    Under 'preparing for your visit', you will find some great factsheets from Kidshealth.org.nz about preparing your child for their hospital visit, and helping your child manage their healthcare treatment or procedure.