Patient Identity Wristbands

Your child must always wear an identification wristband while in hospital.

Patient Identification wristbands are important because:

  • They confirm your child's name and details, even if we know your child really well.
  • They let us check that the right patient is getting the right treatment.

The wristband will be printed by your nurse or other member of ward staff before or during admission. It contains the following details about your child:

  • LAST NAME (in capitals)
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Hospital number
  • Age and gender
  • Address and telephone number
  • Your child's family doctor
  • Your child's medical team
  • Barcode

You can help us by making sure:

  • Your child should have an identity wristband within half an hour of being admitted to the ward. Please tell us if this does not happen.
  • The details on the wristband should be correct. If they aren't, please tell us
  • During your stay, please check your child's wristband every day. If the band is too loose or too tight or the wristband comes undone, please tell us.
  • If your child's wristband is removed before an operation or test and needs to be replaced, please tell us.

Please do not remove your child's identity wristband at any time during your stay. It is waterproof so completely safe in the shower or bath.