Creative Brief

Create video or other digital content that:

  • utilises simple language reflecting the perspective sand experiences of whānau and of whānau with children.

  • weave in, or focus on, mātauranga for whānau wellbeing, child safety and injury prevention

  • incorporates te ao Māori cultural perspectives in the digital content's visual style, imagery, language and narrative

  • weave in creative styles of Māori identity, embeddedness, contemporary Māori style and viewpoints to resonate with our audiences

  • utilises te reo Māori and tikanga Māori narrative form such as pūrakau to empower rather than direct or instruct individuals and groups to incorporate injury prevention behaviours and mechanisms into their homes and communities

  • is sympathetic to the barriers that may exist

  • is best suited for use in targeted social media platforms - in campaigns designed to ensure strong reach and engagement with Māori and Pacific people.