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Blind Cords

Six children in New Zealand have died because of strangulation from blind cords between 2009 to 2019. This can be caused by either the inner cords of the blinds or the operating cords becoming caught around a child’s neck. ALL Cords that are not pulled tight are a potential risk which is why it’s so important to keep all cords out of reach of children and securely fastened.

The best way to keep tamariki safe from blind cords is to replace them with curtains or cordless blinds, however we know this is not an easy or affordable option for many whānau, especially if you are renting.

Our goal is to reduce this number to zero and prevent future deaths and injuries for children in Aotearoa by letting parents & whānau know about some ways to reduce the risks. To help share these messages with the diverse communities in Aotearoa we’ve created a video that provides some practical solutions to help caregivers protect their family from the dangers of blind cords. Subtitled versions of this video are available in Samoan, Tongan, Māori, Hindi and English.

Top tips & products to reduce the risk:

  1. Keep cots, beds and furniture away from windows and corded blinds

  2. Keep blind cords high and out of reach

  3. Blind Cleats & Blind Hooks can be attached to a wall or window frame at least 1600mm from the floor

  4. Cord tensioners keep blinds tightly in place

  5. Blind Cord Wind-Up’s reduce the length of cords to keep them out of reach

The best way to keep your whānau safe is to check for hazards around the house, look for low hanging blind cords and make a plan to install a safety device.

Help us to achieve our goal of zero blind cord related deaths by sharing this information with other parents and whānau!