Injury Prevention Links

Here are some more links to find out more about child injury prevention:


Children's Issue Centre University of Otago [National]

Office of the Children's Commissioner [National]

Paediatric Society of New Zealand [National]

The Future of Children [International]


Dog Safety - NZ Department of Internal Affairs [National]

Keeping children safe around dogs - University of Waikato [National]

Asphyxiation (includes strangulation, suffocation & choking)

Blind Cord Safety Campaign - ROSPA [International]

Choking, suffocation and strangulation prevention - Safe Kids USA [International] 

KidsHealth - Co-sleeping [International] 

SUDI Research [National]

Susysafe - European Project on Foreign Bodies Injuries in the Aero-Digestive tract in Children [International]

Whakawhetu - National SUDI prevention for Maori [National] 

Burns/Fire Safety (includes gas, electricity & button batteries)

Burn Support Group Charitable Trust Inc. [National]

Children's Burns Trust [International]

Vector - Safety Around Our Network [National]

Energy Safety - Worksafe New Zealand [National]

Fireman Sam [International]

National Burn Service Network [National]

Fire and Emergency New Zealand  [National]

Safer Fireworks [International]

Child Safety (general)

Danger Spot [International]

KidsHealth (Starship Foundation & the Paediatric Society of New Zealand) [National]

KidSource Online [International]

Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation [International]

Plunket [National]

Power to protect - Never, ever shake a baby! [National]

Raising Children in New Zealand [National]

NFPA (U.S. National Fire Protection Association) [International]

Safety Centre - Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne [International]

Whanau ora -Te Kotuku Rerenga Tahi (Health and safety puzzles) [National]

World report on child injury prevention - Child friendly report - (World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF) [International]

Child Safety Organisations

Child Accident Prevention (Jersey) [International]

Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) [International]

Emergency Medical Services for Children National Resource Center [International]

Fostering Kids [National]

International Association for Child Safety [International]

Kidsafe Australia [International]

Safe Kids Worldwide [International]

UNICEF Child Friendly Cities Global Initiative [International]


Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals [International]

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute [International]

Bicycling Life [International]

Bike Week - UK [International]

BikeSafe [International]

Cycle helmets - The official New Zealand code for cyclists - NZTA [National]

Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) [National]

Kids and bicycle safety - US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) [International]

Centre for Disease Control (USA) - Bicycle safety [International]

National Center for Bicycling and Walking [International]

Resources on cycling - New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) [National]

Education Establishments

Education Review Office [National]

Health Promoting Schools [National]

Student Activities Safety Association (SASA) [International]

Falls (includes trampolines and television and furniture tip-overs)

Preventing TV and furniture tip-overs - Safe Kids Worldwide [International]

Safety guidelines when using trampolines [International]

Dangerous Decibels - Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) [International]

Home Environment

Home safety - RoSPA (UK) [International]

Home Safety Resources [International]

Indigenous Peoples (see also Māori and Pacific Peoples)

Native American Motor Vehicle Safety - Centres for Disease Control (USA) [International]

Native American Road Safety - Centres for Disease Control (USA) [International]

WHO; Gender Equity and Human Rights - World Health Organization [International]

Injury Prevention Courses

Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) A postgraduate school, Victoria, Australian [International]

Injury Prevention Research & Research Centres

BC (British Columbia) Injury Research and Prevention Unit [International]

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Injury and Violence Prevention and Control [International]

CIRCA (Consortium for Injury Research & Community Action) - University of

Pittsburgh [International]

Flinders University Research Centre for Injury Studies [International]

Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center [International]

Injury Prevention Centre (Alberta) [International]

Injury and Trauma Research Group - University of Auckland [National]

Injury Prevention Research Unit (IPRU) - University of Otago [National]

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - Center for Injury Research and Policy [International]

Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) [International]

Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand [National] 

SafetyLit [International]

Injury Surveillance

Public Health Surveillance - Chemical Injuries Surveillance [National]

Health Canada - Injury Prevention [International]

Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) [International]

National MCH Center for Child Death Review [International]

NZ Health Statistics - Ministry of health [National]

Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit (QISU) [International]

Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit (VISU) Monash University, Victoria, Australia [International]


Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) [National]

Hapai Te Hauora - Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand [National]

Injury and Trauma Research Group - University of Auckland [National]

Injury Prevention Research Unit (IPRU) - University of Otago [National]

Maori Health - Ministry of Health [National]

Maori Maps - Portal to the Marae of Aotearoa/ New Zealand [National]

Ministry of Education - Maori Education [National]

New Zealand Police [National]

Ngati Whatua o Orakei [National]

Plunket [National]

Public Health Association (PHA) [National]

Ririki - Te Kahui Mana Ririki: Promoting the status of young Maori [National]

Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand [National]

Te Köhanga Reo National Trust [National]

Te Puni Kokiri [National

Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust [National]

Water Safety New Zealand - Maori Water Safety - Kia Maanu, Kia Ora [National]

Migrants - Recent New Zealand Migrants (see also some Pacific Peoples links)

Ministry of Health Asian and Migrant Health [National]

Asian Health - Publications [National]

CNSST Chinese New Settlers Services Trust [National]

Migrant Action Trust [National]

Ethnic Communities - Department of Internal Affairs [National]

Refugee Health - New Zealand Government [National]

The Asian Network Inc (TANI) [National]

Natural Outdoors

New Zealand Mountain Safety Council [National]

Outdoors New Zealand [National]

SunSmart [National]

New Zealand Government Departments and Agencies

Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Vulnerable Children [National]

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - Consumer Protection [National]

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority [National]

Health Research Council [National]

Human Rights Commission [National]

Law Commission [National]

New Zealand Ministry of Health [National]

Ministry for Pacific People's [National]

Ministry of Social Development [National]

Ministry of Transport [National]

Ministry for Women [National]

Ministry of Youth Development [National]

New Zealand Fire Service [National]

New Zealand Police [National]

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) [National]

Office of the Children's Commissioner [National]

New Zealand Parliament [National]

Public Access to New Zealand Legislation [National]

Statistics New Zealand [National]

Strategies with Kids Information for Parents (SKIP) [National]

Māori Health - Ministry of Health [National]

Te Puni Kōkiri [National]

Nursery Equipment

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association [International]

Keeping Babies Safe: for Crib and Child Product Safety [International]

Consumer Protection Product Safety Issues - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment [National]


Flinders University Research Centre for Injury Studies [International]

Brain Injury Association of New Zealand [National]

Harborview Medical Center [International]

Injury Observatory for Britain and Ireland (IOBI) [International]

Injury Prevention Web [International]

International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units (INoPSU) [International]

Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers NZ Inc. [National]

CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control [International]

New Zealand Police [National]

New Zealand Safety Council [National]

Office of the Commissioner for Children [National]

Paediatric Society of New Zealand [National]

Plunket [National]

Public Health Association of New Zealand (PHA) [National]

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) [International]

Safe Communities Foundation [International]

Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand [National]

Sport New Zealand [National]

St John [National]

The Parenting Place [National]

Trauma Foundation [International]

WHO Violence and Injury Prevention [International]

Pacific Peoples

Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand [National]

Injury Prevention Research Unit (IPRU) - University of Otago [National]

Ministry of Health - Pacific Health [National]

Ministry for Pacific People's [National]

Public Health Association [National]

Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand [National]

Statistics New Zealand - Pacific Profiles [National]


Alberta Occupant Restraint Programme (Booster Seats) [International]

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Car Seat Safety for Kids  [International]

Child Car Seats [International]

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Car Seat Safety for Kids [International]

NZTA - Using Child restraints in New Zealand [National]

NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) [National]

NZTA - Become a child restraint technician - New Zealand Transport Agency [National]

NZTA - Child Restraint factsheet [National]

NZTA - Find a child restraint technician - New Zealand Transport Agency [National]

Safe Ride News [International]

Safer Journeys - NZ Ministry of Transport [National] (USA) [International]

Think Road Safety - Child Car Seats [International]

Think Seat Belts [International]

Washington State (USA) Booster Seat Coalition [International] [International]

Pedestrians (includes driveway run-overs)

Association for Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals [International]

Feet First - NZTA [National]

Living Streets [International]

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc [National]

National Center for Bicycling and Walking [International]

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) [National]

NZTA News & media - Our other websites [National]

Pedestrian planning and design guide - NZTA [National]

PEDS - Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety [International]

Auckland Transport Travelwise schools [National]

Victoria (Canada) Transport Policy Institute - Walking and bicycling Issues [International]

Walking School Bus - TravelWise [National]


National Program for Playground Safety [International]

National Recreation and Park Association - Playground Related Standards and Guidelines [International]

Playground Safety Publications (USA) [International]


American Association of Poison Control Centers [International]

Chemical Injuries Surveillance System (CISS) [National]

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research - Poisonous Plants in NZ [National]

Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand [National]

AAPC - National Poisoning Prevention Council (USA) [International]

Poisons Prevention and Education - National Poisons Centre [National] 

Queensland Poisons Information Centre [International]

Solvent Abuse: Information for Parents/ Caregivers - National Poisons Centre [National]

toxinz - Poisons Management Database [National]

Product Safety

Commerce Commission NZ [National]

Consumer Affairs - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment [National]

Consumer Federation of America [International]

Consumer NZ (formerly Consumers' Institute) [National]

European Consumer Safety Association (ECOSA) [International]

Keeping Babies Safe: for Crib and Child Product Safety [International]

Kids in Danger [International]

Standards New Zealand - Paerewa Aotearoa [National]

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission [International]

Quad Bikes - All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

ATV safety [International]

Worksafe NZ [National]


Cochrane Injuries Group [International]

Health Ed Database [National]

Health Services Research Centre - Victoria University of Wellington [National]

Safe States Alliance (USA) [International]

British Medical Journal - Injury Prevention journal [International]

Medline Plus - Health Information [International]

National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research - Auckland University of Technology [National]

National Institute for Health - Journals and databases (UK) [International]

SafetyLit - WHO & San Diego State University [International]

School of Population Health - University of Auckland [National]

United States National Library of Medicine [International]

Road Safety

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety [International]

Arrive Alive (UK) [International]

BMW - Safe on the Streets (UK) [International]

Brake: Working for road safety and caring for victims [International]

Community Road Safety Fund [National]

Global Road Safety [International]

Global Road Safety Partnership [International] 

Good practice in road safety [National]

Cycling Safety - Child Road Safety Game - Tales of the Road (UK) [International] 

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [International] 

International Traffic Medicine Association [International] 

Junior Road Safety Officer [International]

Ministry of Transport [National]

National Highway Transport Safety Administration [International]

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) [National]

Plunket car Seat Safety [National]

Queensland Government Road Safety [International]

Reduce the Risk [National]

Ruben the Bear - Road Safety [National]

Safer Journeys - NZ Ministry of Transport [National]

The New Zealand Road Code [National]

The Think! Road Safety Website [International]

Think! Road Safety - UK Dept. for Transport [International]

Rural Environment

Worksafe NZ - SaferFarms [National]

Farmsafe Australia [International]

Health Matters Library A-Z: Farm Safety [International]

National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety (USA) [International]

Rural Women New Zealand [National]

Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting [International]

Safe Communities

Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand [National]

Safekids Worldwide

Asia Injury Prevention Foundation - Vietnam [International]

Kidsafe Australia [International]

National Safe Kids Campaign - US [International]

Safe Kids Austria [International]

Safe Kids Brazil [International]

Safe Kids Foundation India [International]

Safe Kids Germany [International]

Safe Kids Jordan [International]

Safe Kids Korea [International]

Safe Kids Philippines [International]

Safe Kids Thailand [International]

Safe Kids Uruguay [International]

Safe Kids Worldwide [International]

School Travel (includes Scooters, Skateboards, Pre-schools)

Carrying children in buses, minibuses, coaches and taxis - Child Car Seats (UK) [International]

Child car Seats - RoSPA (UK) [International]

Skates, scooters  & skateboards - New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) [National]

Buses Coaches and Minibuses - RoSPA (UK) [International]

National Centre for Safe Routes to School [International]

Pinnacle Research - The Walking School Bus [National]

Safe Routes to Schools (UK) [International]

School bus passenger safety - US NHTSA [International]

Scooter safety - Australia [International]

Scooter safety - Better Health Victoria, Australia [International]

Scooter safety advice - Micro New Zealand [National]

Hike it, Bike it, Scoot it, Skate it  - New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) [National]

Walk to School Day [International]


ACCSportsmart [National]

National Youth Sports Safety Foundation [International]

New Zealand Mountain Safety Council [National]

Trampolines - RoSPA (UK) [International]


National Injury Query System (NIQS) - IPRU [National]

New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (NZCYES) [National]

Statistics New Zealand – Te Tari Tatau [National]


Avoiding choking hazards in toys - Child Safety Central [International]

British Toy and Hobby Association [International]

Choosing safe toys, advice for parents - KidsHealth [International]

Safekids Worldwide - Safety Tips [International]

Tips for toy safety - Keeping your baby safe at home [International]

Tips for toy safety - US Public Interest Research Groups (USPIRG) [International]

Tips on choosing safe toys - Child Toys Guide [International]

Toy safety information for fathers - Menstuff [International]

Toy safety standards around the world [International]

Toy safety tips for holiday shoppers [International]

W.A.T.C.H - World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc. [International]


Auckland Transport [National] 

New Zealand Transport Agency [National] 

VicRoads [International] 

Victoria (Canada) Transport Policy Institute [International] 

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC, UNCRC, UNCROC)

Convention on the Rights of the Child - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights [International]

Convention on the rights of the child - UNICEF [International]

Water Safety

Auckland City - Pools and Spas [National]

Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention [International]

Lifesavers, the Royal Life Saving Society UK [International]

Maritime New Zealand [National]

Safe Boating Campaign (USA) [International]

The Royal Life Saving Society Australia [International]

Water Safety for Children and Young People - RoSPA (UK) [International]

Water Safety New Zealand [National]

Department of Water Resources (USA) [International]

WaterSafe Auckland [National]