Driveway runovers

Driveway Runovers reference card [2020]

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Preventing Driveway Runovers: Ten things to think about


This infographic provides 10 important facts, statistics and safety messages about child driveway run over injuries in New Zealand, and how to prevent it.

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Safekids Aotearoa Driveway Run Over Kit Instructions

Accompanies the driveway run over kit. This item is a guide to using the 'There's no going back' pamphlets and posters (see record # 8662) and the driveway run over awareness/ prevention/ demonstration kit.

The kit is made up of: the guide, the pamphlets and posters, a 10 meter long mat which is laid out behind a vehicle with child figurines on it. People sit in the driver's seat and are made aware of how big the large blind spot behind the vehicle is. The guide advises on how to use the kit and resources.

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Know where the kids are : there's no going back

[120mm sticker] - (OUT OF STOCK)

This diamond shaped sticker is 120 by 120 millimetres and features the driveway warning message 'Know where the kids are: There's no going back'. It also features the 'driveway run over awareness sign' which shows the reversing back of a car about to hit a toddler.

Working with local government to prevent driveway run over injuries

[Advocacy guide, 2011]

Local governments are very well placed to effectively prevent driveway run over injuries to children. This is because they can include driveway safety information within their plans and other documents.

This A4 booklet contains a submission template to use to ask your council to include driveway safety information within their plans. It also contains information from the AA on products to help prevent driveway run overs.

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Lesson plan (Years 1-6): Check for Me Before You Turn the Key

[Article, 2015]

Safekids Aotearoa and Starters and & Strategies have created a lesson plan to teach driveway safety in the classroom. Learning areas covers personal health and safety, healthy communities and safe environments.

The school age lesson plan is suitable for curriculum levels 1-3 (or for Years 1-6).

A lesson plan for early childhood service aligned with Te Whàriki principles is also available.

Objective for students include identifying the dangers when playing on driveways, discussion on safe practices they and their families can take, and sharing important messages with their families, friends and the school community. It is part of the 2015-16 driveway campaign.

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