Product safety

Babies don't need baby walkers

[Pamphlet, 2005]

This A5 pamphlet has messages on both sides.

Injuries from baby walkers can be permanent. Babies in baby walkers have fallen, been burned and have poisoned themselves.

The best place for babies to learn to crawl and walk is on the floor.

Baby walkers are not baby minders and supervising them doesn't mean you can stop an injury. It's better not to have one at all.

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Child trampoline injury prevention

[Position paper, 2014]

This A4 size 21 page position paper for injury prevention practitioners and policymakers looks at evidence from New Zealand and international research on trampoline injuries to children.

It makes a series of recommendations on: appropriate use, assembly, placement and maintenance and design and standards.

ISBN: 978-0-9941125-0-7 (Print) ISBN: 978-0-9941125-2-1 (Online) This resource is aimed at practitioners and others running injury prevention programmes.

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