Starship Diabetes Adolescent Transition Programme and Clinics

Programme aims

  • Identifying local young adult services that provide specialist care for young adults with diabetes in Auckland

  • To treat young people with dignity and respect

  • Communication between all services involved in the care of each young person

  • To provide age appropriate health and lifestyle education in a supportive non-threatening environment

  • To provide a Transition Lead for every young person transferring from paediatric to adult diabetes services to work collaboratively with young people, their families and adult services to develop clear, documented plans for transition.

  • Ensuring that there is no gap in care between leaving paediatric services and entering young adult services

  • Maintaining a registry of all young people transferring from paediatric to young adult diabetes services that includes information relating to capture into adult clinics following transfer of care.

Our greatest concern as health professionals is that adolescents may become lost in the process and cease regular attendance with specialised services. This is likely to be associated with increased risk of acute and long-term complications of diabetes

All young people are scheduled a formal consultation with a Transition Lead person within regular outpatient clinic around the age of 14 years. At this time, young people and their families are issued with a Diabetes Adolescent Starter pack. This pack outlines what families can expect within the Diabetes Adolescent Transition Programme.

What the programme provides

  • The opportunity for young people to be seen on their own for some of the consultation.

  •  The opportunity for care-givers/parent(s) to meet with team members (Nurse Specialist/medical staff/Dietitian) separately to the main consultation if there are issues of concern

  • Provision of age appropriate resources relating to being young with diabetes (for example alcohol, drugs, driving, complications screening, sexual health etc)

  • Information regarding Young Adult Diabetes Services

  • The opportunity to meet with the Dietitian for dietary support. All young people are asked to complete a nutrition knowledge survey on their entry to the transition programme. Additional dietary support appointments (for sports plans, weight management, general nutrition during puberty etc) can be arranged wherever required either in the Diabetes Centre or at scheduled clinic appointments.

  • The opportunity for support around psychological health in adolescence. A Clinical Psychologist is available for additional support wherever required. She works closely with the diabetes clinical team. Sessions wih the Psychologist are scheduled separately from the regular outpatient clinics and can range from one-off sessions to extended periods of interaction.