Transition checklist for parents

Use the key below to describe how you feel about each of the questions on the checklist. Remember there's no right or wrong answer.


1My child does this by themself (On to it!)
2My child sometimes does this by themselves
3My child is starting to think about doing this themselves
4IMyself or another adult does this for my child
5Don't know



My child knows their own medical history and where to get that information from     
My child can describe their health condition to others     
My child understands the medical terms, words and procedures related to their condition     
My child takes their own medications and knows what they are for and how they will affect them     
My child speaks up for themselves and tells others what they need     
My child understands what will happen if they don't take their medications and knows what they need to do to remember them     
My child knows what tests they need to have, why and how often     
My child keeps a record of their healthcare visits and medications     
My child has a thermometer at home and knows how to use it     
My child knows when they are getting sick and how to get help     
My child knows where to go and where they will be going if they need to be admitted to hospital     
My child knows the members of their health care team and how to contact them     
My child knows how to make their own appointments     
My child has a person who will help them with their health if our family cannot and they know how to contact them     
My child can obtain sex education materials/birth control information as needed     
My child knows about how drugs and alcohol affect their health     
My child knows what to expect in the adult service     
My child knows when they need a new prescription     
My child knows how to fill a prescription     
My child knows that as they get older, some procedures will be done under sedation (relaxed and drowsy) rather than general anaesthetic (being totally asleep)     

This checklist is based on the information from the SickKids Hospital for Sick Children 'Good2Go' Transition Programme.