Welcome to Ward 31

Ward 31 Adult Cardiology can be found on on level 3 of Auckland City Hospital, not far from the Children's Heart Ward  

map ward 31

Contact details

Phone: (09) 3074949 ext 24310 (main reception)
Visiting hours: 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 8pm. Outside of these hours is at the discretion of the Charge Nurse.
The ward clerk is available from 7am to 6pm.

About Ward 31

Ward 31 is a 22 bed Adult Cardiac ward. We have a wide variety of patients of all ages.

We are aware that this may be your first visit to an adult ward and we want your stay to be as positive as it can be.

There are 26 beds on Ward 31. Some are single rooms and some are four-bedded rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and shower. We have a patient and family kitchen where you are welcome to make tea and coffee and store food in the fridge. There is also a microwave for heating your own food. We have a Whanau room with a TV and a selection of magazines and books.

Ward 31 together with Heartkids have created a private and relaxing space for all young heart patients in the Adult Cardiology Ward to use. This is a space where young people can spend time quietly reading, catching up and sharing stories with other young people , or whiling the hours away with a game or two on the TV/playstation units. The transition from a paediatric environment to suddenly finding yourself on an adult ward can be a bit overwhelming. We hope that having somewhere to retreat to and maybe meet other young people going through similar experiences might make this transition less stressful for young people and families.

On arrival to the ward the ward clerk or one of the nurses will welcome you and show you and your family where your room is. On your bed should be a welcome pack. Your nurse will come and introduce themselves and give you a tour of the ward.

Handover (this is the term for the handing over of clinical information between nursing shifts) occurs at the bedside and we involve you in these. This is another opportunity to meet your nurse.

Planned procedures usually occur the day after your admission. A family member is welcome to stay with you overnight. If you are in a single room they may stay in the room. If you are in a four bedded room your family member can stay in the Whanau room. This is for the safety of all our patients. You may also be able to go home on ward leave overnight and return early the next morning ready for your procedure.

On return to the ward following your procedure your family support person is again welcome to stay with you.

Usually discharge is the following day but is done in consultation with your medical team.