Diabetes teaching resources for school staff

The Starship Diabetes team have developed a short 30 minute video as an educational resource for schools to increase their knowledge about the management of children/young people with diabetes in the school setting. There are also three additional videos that give more detail about delivering insulin via an insulin pen, and via a Medtronic and Tandem t-slim pump.

Returning to school following a diagnosis of diabetes can be an anxious time for both families and school staff. Successfully managing a child/young person's diabetes while they are at school involves understanding what diabetes is, how it is managed, and putting together a plan so that a child/young person can be safely supported to participate fully in school life. Information on school action and management plans can be found here.

The following video was designed to be used by:

  • individual teachers and staff prior to a student with diabetes returning to school or moving classes each academic year

  • PHN or school nurses on teaching training days to upskill the wider staff

  • During a lunchtime session

While it has been designed as a total 30 minute education package, there are 'chapter timings' in the description field below the video, that can take you directly to a particular topic.

This video is designed as a total resource package and is 30 minutes long. However timings below allow you to go directly to a particular section of the video

What is diabetes? 00:51

Understanding initial feelings and concerns 04:31

Blood glucose monitoring 06:59

What is hypoglycaemia? 07:38

Treating a 'hypo' or low blood glucose level 09:11

Severe hypoglycaemia 13:12

Hyperglycaemia or high blood glucose 14:26

Diabetes, sport and exercise 16:39

School camps and day trips 18:32

Diabetes action and management plans 21:18

Insulin administration 23:57 

Diabetes and food 24:24

Sick days 26:00Ketones 26:32Young people with diabetes and exams 28:04
Resources and web links 29:09  

Click here to view a transcript of the video

Using an insulin pen

Information on correction factors can be downloaded here.

Using a Medtronic insulin pump

Helpful links on using the Medtronic 640G insulin pump:

Using a Tandem t-slim insulin pump

Other helpful resources include:

Additional resources