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The Starship National Air Ambulance is a lifeline for our children when they need it most, flying 183 retrieval missions in 2018 to almost every region in New Zealand to collect children like Ethan, Jasmine, Harri and Matilda. Critically ill children are transferred from any hospital in the country to receive specialist paediatric care at Starship – our national children’s hospital. Your generous support today will help our children get life-saving treatment and care when they need it. DONATE NOW

Our Starship National Air Ambulance service responds to children facing a range of life threatening situations; from serious complications arising from normal childhood illnesses such as flu, to accidents such as drowning, car crashes and serious sporting injuries, as well as children suffering from heart conditions, seizures, meningitis and other severe infections. We rely on generous donations from supporters like you to ensure the Air Ambulance service will be ready to go at a moment’s notice year round for every child in urgent need. Thank you for your generosity. DONATE NOW

Ethan’s story Donate Now

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Harri’s story Donate Now

Harri graduating preschool



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Starship National Air ambulance Collectibles

Each year more than $1.5 million is required to fund the vital Starship National Air Ambulance service.

Donate now at or buy a collectable plane at your local New World for $3.
Your donation will help to ensure the Starship National Air Ambulance can continue to reach children like Matilda, Ethan, Jasmine and Harri.  




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