Commercial Study Monitoring Visits

Guidance for CRAs at on-site monitoring visits to Starship Research

Download a PDF of the commercial study monitoring visits information here

General information

Our office is a shared space used by different teams of ADHB, and as such, there is a requirement of the presence of the study coordinator for the whole duration of your monitoring visit. Additionally, for safety purposes during the COVID pandemic, we only allow fully vaccinated individuals on site. Please wear masks when you are meeting the study coordinator or in close proximity with other individuals on site.

Your study coordinator would appreciate as much notice of confirmation of your monitoring visit as possible. To enable them time to prepare for your visit, we request a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for receipt of confirmation letter prior to a visit.

Getting here

The Starship Research team is located at Studio 160, ADHB, Ground Floor, 160 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland 1010.

160 Grafton Road Entrance is located across the road from Orion Health’s Welcome Eatery. Watch out for traffic or pedestrians as Grafton Road is extremely busy. There is a pedestrian crossing at the intersection. Head down the driveway. Head down the ramp towards the 160 sign. Watch out for cars as they can come around blind corners quickly.

You are welcomed to park where there is a ‘ADHB parking’ sign in the covered car park up the ramp by the building of Studio 160. If there are no ADHB parks available the building has Wilson’s car parks that can be paid for by the hour.

On arrival

Your study coordinator will greet you at the entrance and let you in. The main door is locked with authorised access only so you will have to let your study coordinator know if you want to come in and out of the building. Please scan the COVID-19 QR code on the door as you enter.

You will be assigned a monitoring desk for the day. If you are leaving your desk unattended, please make sure any confidential material, particularly patient records, are securely put away and the cabinet is locked.

On departure

Please remember to let your study coordinator know that you have finished for the day and returned all patient folders and study documents before departure.

Site safety

If you have any queries around Health and Safety for this site, please refer to the information by the front doorway or talk to your study coordinator.


A well caffeinated workforce is a productive workforce. Your three best options for coffee are:

  • The New Zealand Coffee Co. (164 Khyber Pass Rd)

  • Coffee Pen (6 Basque Rd)

  • Welcome Eatery (181 Grafton Rd)