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HRC Health Delivery Research Investment Round - Some Changes to Grants

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges faced by all health delivery research stakeholders, changes have been made to the 2020 Health Delivery Research Investment Round.

Where the integrity of health delivery research investment can be maintained, funding opportunities are running as close to original plans as possible to enable valuable health delivery research to proceed. Where a greater level of responsiveness to health sector needs is required, changes to funding opportunities have been made. Details for each Health Delivery Research Investment Round funding opportunity are set out below.


Health Delivery Research Career Development Award – delayed by three months

This funding opportunity provides support for a placement in a health delivery research team, health care or health delivery policy setting. To ensure the safety and success of this funding opportunity, the registration deadline has been extended to 1pm, Wednesday 24 June with full applications now due 1pm, Wednesday 22 July. Funding announcements are expected in October.

There is a limit of one grant application per Developing Researcher (first named investigator).

Health Delivery Research Activation Grant – offered in two streams

These grants are designed to enable getting ready for research by establishing evidence needs or research opportunities. To increase the ability for all intended applicants to apply, these grants will be offered at two time points as follows:

  • Research Activation Grant 1 will run as planned with registrations due by 1pm, Wednesday 8 April, full applications by 1pm, Wednesday 22 April, and funding announcements to be made in September.

  • Research Activation Grant 2 will be run later in the year with registrations due by 1pm, Wednesday 24 June, full applications by 1pm, Wednesday 22 July, and funding announcements to be made in October.

Note: There is a limit of one grant application per Activation Lead (first named investigator) i.e. an Activation Lead can only submit one application to either Research Activation Grant 1 or 2. An application cannot be submitted to Research Activation Grant 2 that is substantially the same as an application submitted to Research Activation Grant 1.

Acknowledging the immense pressure and responsibility on health providers at this time, we encourage researchers from other backgrounds who are able to apply to Research Activation Grant 1 to do so.

Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant – flexible timeframes introduced

The HRC recognises the organisational-wide commitment required by DHBs to ensure success of this funding opportunity. Therefore, greater flexibility will be provided to the selected DHB pilot partners to submit full applications when they are able to. Staff from the HRC will be in contact with the selected DHB pilot partners to discuss their circumstances and potential timing on an individual, negotiated basis.

Health Delivery Research Project Grant – full application deadline extended

As per our previous communication, the deadline for this grant has been extended until 1pm, Friday 24th April. This extension is available to all applicants; however, we encourage applicants to submit as soon as they are able to.

Any future changes

We acknowledge the future is uncertain as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. We will continue to monitor our processes to ensure they remain as robust and responsive as possible. Any further changes will be communicated via HRC Gateway, the HRC COVID-19 webpage and via HRC Update. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these changes.
Further information on the scope and requirements for the Health Delivery Research Investment Round can be found here. Further questions can be directed to Luke Garland, Research Investment Manager:

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