Helmet Safety with Amituana'i Scott Tulua

We are honoured to share this inspiring talanoa with Amituana’i Scott Tulua of Nofoali’i, Moata’a, Siutu & Salailua.

Turning Point

Father of seven, Amituana’i Scott Tulua says that everything changed for him when his eldest daughter was born. He decided that in order to give his daughter more opportunities he would dedicate himself to improving his neighborhood through service to his community. Twenty-one years later Amituana’i Scott continues to serve the community by fixing donated bikes and gifting them to local schools and children who might not otherwise be able to afford them. He also volunteers as a coach and sometimes for sports he hasn't even played before. Amituana’i simply saw a need due to the lack of volunteer coaches and says it’s all about making sure that no child misses out on playing the sports they love.

S double S Services - Serving South Side

Amituana’i Scott works out of his bike workshop ‘S double S Services’ with the goal of getting more people in South Auckland out riding bikes with their families. He says that “biking is a great way to explore and get to know your neighborhood... It’s free, good for the environment, and really fun.” For Amituana’i Scott the best part of his work is “seeing the kids' faces, when I give them a bike or fix their broken bike.” In addition to fixing and refurbishing donated bikes to children in the community, S double S Services currently give away a minimum of five bikes each week to local schools. By serving his community, Amituana’i Scott hopes to inspire children to “feel like they can do the same for someone else'' in the future.

Work in Schools

Amituana’i Scott also conducts educational programmes in local Primary and Intermediate schools teaching children how to be safe on their bikes and also basic repair skills. The programme covers everything from putting helmets on correctly to repairing flat tyres and brake cords. At the end of each school programme every child who participates in the class is given a bike so they can practise the skills they’ve learnt.

Keeping Safe while Riding

Amituana’i Scott believes that the safest way for children to learn and ride is with their parents and aiga. He states that parents should role-model safe riding to children and can ride ahead; ensuring it is safe for children to follow. Amituana’i Scott actively promotes the use of helmets despite some children thinking it doesn’t look cool. He combats this by conducting workshops where children can decorate their helmet and explains the benefits of wearing one while riding. He also encourages children to avoid riding on the road where possible and states that the best places to ride are bike tracks, parks and shared pathways where children can be supervised.

Top Tips

  • The ūpoko is precious and we want to do everything we can to protect it. So teach tamariki to wear a properly fitted helmet when riding a bike. It reduces the risk of a serious brain injury by 74%.

  • Our tamaiti look up to their parents and older family members. Setting a good example for how to ride bikes safely will best set them up to ride by themselves. It’s important to be seen, plan your route and wear a helmet and reflective gear when riding bikes.

  • To keep our tamariki safe use scooters, bikes and skateboards in allocated areas such as bike tracks, paths, and shared pathways.

  • Fa'afetai i lou susuga Amituana'i Scott mo lou fa'asoa, ma le galuega tāua o lo'o feagai ai ma oe mo le tagata lautele.

Toolkit Resource

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